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‘It Wasn’t Alternative To Us’: Chazmere On Making Your Own Entertainment

The hip-hop artist’s latest album shows two sides of his upbringing in the Bronx.

Nigeria: Our space program is not an ‘ego trip’

The head of Nigeria’s space program is determined to wring scientific achievements out of his shoestring budget.

Meet the 12-year-old accepted to two colleges

12-year-old Tanishq Abraham was accepted to two University of California colleges — but not Stanford. His dream? Be doctor, medical researcher and the president of the United States.

Even Scarier Than The Book Or Movie: ‘The Shining’ Is Now An Opera

“Stephen King’s original novel is all about love, death and power,” says Pulitzer-winning composer Paul Moravec. “And those are the three foundational components for an opera.”

Santana On World Cafe

The band’s original members from 1972 are back with a new album, Santana IV.

Beyond Streaming: How Will Future Fans Discover Prince’s Music?

Whoever ends up running his estate will face some tough decisions about how to handle his musical legacy. What happens to the music in his vault? Will future concertgoers see him as a hologram?

Watch The Flaming Lips Cover David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’

The Flaming Lips turn a classic Bowie number into a touching, psychedelic memorial.

High school student invents a cheaper hearing aid

Read full story for latest details.

You can buy this Nevada town for $8 million

A Nevada town that sits 60 miles south of Las Vegas is up for sale.

Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets start arriving Monday

The $600 commercial version of the hotly anticipated Oculus Rift VR devices are finally here.

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